Thursday, 1 October 2015

When you are green...

Hey Lovelies
Y'all know what today is, don't you?
Pardon me JBS massives around the world, let's talk to Nigerians for a bit. Love you x

If you would recollect, on a day like this, you usually have a lot of people with opinions about Nigeria. The status quo? A lot of negativity.

I do not care what you have to say about Nigeria, things are not perfect, but there is something to be thankful for. I will keep focusing on the good parts until Nigeria gets to where we all desire it to be. I will keep giving in my very little quota, even if all it really is is just saying a few positive words and prayers for her. I owe it to myself and the generations to come, that I genuinely participated in making the Nigeria they will get to see. My greatest desire is that the outcome will always make us proud whenever we look back, no matter where we may find ourselves.

I know a lot of people will beg to differ, "What has Nigeria really done for me that I need to keep giving and giving and yet get absolutely nothing good to show for it?" They'll ask.
I drop my green passport somewhere and you can see the frowns; the hate in people's faces around ...So she's even Nigerian, you can see it spelt out all over their faces. Sometimes, you get judged just because you are Nigerian and you feel like you have to apologize for being Nigerian or even explain why you are still Nigerian and spend some time to make everyone believe that they are wrong for generalizing
...or you just dust it off  and keep it moving ... but of course with the harsh consequences of not caving in. Hey, positivity is a way of life, sometimes, it is not convenient.

You come back home and you see the bad sheep littered around everywhere just like the people that thought you were delusional for believing so much in Nigeria tried to warn you.
You still have:
The people that prefer to be Hausas, Igbos, Yorubas...., Forgetting that they are first Nigerians.

The people that prefer to rob other people, rather than find legitimate ways of making a living.

The people that prefer to loot the governments' treasury, rather than use it to enrich the nation.

The people that prefer to sacrifice all of what it takes to build Nigeria, in the hunt of all they can gather outside Nigeria.

The people that prefer to destroy all of Nigeria and leave it bare, so they can have people see them as lords and live fully at their mercy.


But in all of that, you get another chance to run away from Nigeria forever, but you choose to turn it all down because you take a moment to ask yourself the very necessary questions like:
"If everyone in Nigeria is bad, who will help show that Nigeria has both the good and the bad just like most places?"

"Can I really do nothing to help build this nation, even if it's very little?"

What do you think would happen if everyone gave at least, very little? The Nigeria that we have now needs us more than we need her. Take it as a sowing and reaping time. First you have to sow, then you think of reaping. We cannot expect harvest if nothing has been sown. Sowing means that we can expect harvest someday. Sowing absolutely nothing means we have given up totally and we cannot afford to do that. We cannot afford to pass down a dead place to the future generations to try their luck. Is that what we really want to hand down to our children?

For me, I made a decision not to give up on Nigeria, even if all I do is holding that passport and representing it differently wherever I go, I will do it proudly, 'cause when you're Green at Heart, you cannot go back!

Join me, tell me what you're doing to uphold our heroes' past and Nigeria's pride.

Happy 55th Independence Anniversary

Love always

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  1. Happy October 1st. Greetings and best wishes!

  2. When you are green at heart, you can't go back. Yes oh. Totally in agreement. Yes we know that it hasnt gotten to where we want it but surely the country is a step closer each day, we can always pray for better day ahead.
    Happy Independence Nigeria!

  3. God bless Nigeria! You lovely people stay strong and united. :)

  4. "cause when you're Green at Heart, you cannot go back!" Deep Mother.. Very Deep!

    Hi everyone.. My Name is Duru Adolphus Jnr. Founder of #BLUEAfrica.. and I am Nigerian.. I am Nigerian not because my skin is dark shade, or cause i have an African accent, i am Nigerian Not cause I was born here and have never had the opportunity to be out of here, I am Nigerian Because its who i am meant to be..

    Mother people have a lot of bad perception about this great Nation.. About how we ALL are thieves, and 419'ers and crooks, and ritual killers et Voodoo worshipers.. But then I ask Mother.. Are we not all in the world that way?! Are we not all first humans before we are from different Nations?! Where there Nigerians, Americans and French at the Tower of Babel?! Where they not all Humans first.

    It is sad how people see this Nigerian Identity.. But I see it with pride Janyl.. Cause even soon when I will leave the shores of this country (if GOD wants me to), i will not fail to forget that there lies a land from where I came, where the LAND TRULY FLOWS WITH MILK AND HONEY.. and where opportunities abound.. Let the world speak what they feel.. I will forever remain a Nigerian.. By Birth, Choice and by Blood.. plus why choose to be another when the smartest lady i have ever met on the online community once said "cause when you're Green at Heart, you cannot go back!"

    Cheers Ms. Janyl Benyl.. Happy Independence day in Arrears.. Its a long walk to freedom.. But I am walking it Regardless.. #ThisThingCalledLove #October8th #YoungandConfusedAfrica

  5. راه بند نیست راهبند است. ارائه قیمت راهبند پارکینگ به صورت آنلاین امکانپذیر نیست بررسی گاتالوگ شرکت های فروشنده راهبند برای عکاسی از وزاد لازمه که در طول روز کلی بیدار نگهش دارین تا تو آتلیه خوابش بیاد و عکاس نوزادتون راحت و بدون دردسر بتونه ازش عکس بگیره . یرای رزرو وقت آتلیه نوزاد یک هفته قبلا حتما با دفتر آتلیه هماهنگ کنین . چند جا رفتم ولی نمونه کارها و آلبوم هاشون دیدم اما هنوز نتونستم انتخاب کنم .


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