Friday, 20 November 2015

Around the Web series #4

Hey Lovelies

It's another edition of the 'Around the web' series

You can't make someone happy without it rubbing off on you.

Leave positive impacts!

I guess it's not coincidental that we're talking a lot about sharing happiness today.

         Life is way simpler than we try to make it

That's all folks.

Have a very blissful weekend.

Love always

Photo Credits: Instagram 


  1. Great thoughts for the weekend, cheers!

  2. Oh that 1k candles own really got me eh.. Sometimes ba, it feels like when a man helps another to climb in life, or in this case attain "Happiness", we often times fear that he the helper would lose out entirel.. As the other might succeed (generic) a tad more than the helper.. But on the contrary Blog mother.. Life eez kukuma teaching this 24 years 12 days old boy that there is joy when another derives either inspiration, growth or Happiness from us.

    Thanks for Sharing amazing Janyl Benyl.. Christmas in 31 days.. Skibo Robo Skibo.. Skibor Robor Skibor Oshey! BaDDest :)


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