Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Career Talks: You need your partner's support

Hey Lovelies
Your spouse is your greatest team player, if you are smart you will try to win them to your side.

You can win him/her over, it is very possible.

We are all humans and it doesn't matter if it is a man or a woman, when you play your cards right, you will win.

I cannot begin to tell you how a wrong partner can destroy your dreams. 

If your success comes with a negative outcome, like you beginning to disrespect your partner, do you think they will want to support you? Do not make your career become their greatest rival. Do not make an enemy of your partner. You will be better off if you never even bothered to marry than to marry someone who opposes what you do.

I know sometimes insecurities from spouses stem from things you can't really change. If you can, please try. You do not really want to deal with an insecure or a bitter partner. Make them believe in your career just as much as you do. Be sincere, be open and learn to carry them along.

I have heard stories where two married people happen to live together happily until one attains success. 
Don't ever get to that point where you think your spouse doesn't matter anymore. I can assure you it is a recipe for disaster. You will just watch everything go down the drain, faster than it came. Stay grounded, find ways to ignite the love between you to be even stronger. 
Spend time to talk and understand each other. Ask for their input when you need to make decisions that will affect them directly or indirectly. Do not allow things to fall apart, work out any issues before they become complicated.

Finding a good partner is one thing, keeping them is another. 
For example, a lot of men make the mistake of succeeding and trying to go out to cheat. When you succeed in making your partner feel betrayed, that is just the beginning of your downfall. 
Whatever you can do to keep your partner at your side and not at the opponent's side, do it.
As complicated as it may sound, it is as simple as making them care and it usually requires you showing that you do as well.

My go to advice, you need your partner's support with regards to your career, if you can't get it, you need to be changing either one of them - your partner or your career.

Love always
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  1. I will remember this so when I have a partner I know what to do. :)

  2. So this line hit me the most Blog Mother.. The line that went:

    "it is as simple as making them care and it usually requires you showing that you do as well"

    Janyl, a line from the Heavens dropped in my heart yesterday.. and it goes.. "If you can make someone feel good about him/ her self, then you can get that someboRRy to more or less do what ever it is you want of them"

    Thing is Ms J.B, Life is teaching this 23 years 11 months and 27 days old young man yeah, that the things that matter most in this life are not what we think we should do for others, but rather, doing for others that which we would want them to do to us.. So as regards the subject Nne, I for one think it is imperative that we listen and consult our partners. and ask their opinion as we progress.. Even if we have it all figured out.. LeRRus just ask still.. cause everyone feels better knowing that their consent means a thing to another.. (Well i atleast do).

    On another note.. there are folks like me.. **clears Throat.. Folks who manage the success of another not very well. Now for us Nne.. It is imperative to learn in life Mother, that just as you taught me.. "No one climbs up by wishing another bad.." So both partners need to understand that the success of 1 is the success of both.. Its a "PARTNERSHIP".. Be it Family based, marriage Based, Sex based, or organizational based.. It is still a Partnership, meaning both need each another.

    This was a ghen ghen read Mother.. Quite insightful.. more like as always.. Cheers.. and Happy November :) Did i say that already?! **Clears throat.. You geRRit?! :)


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