Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Maybe GMB needs more time?

Hey Lovelies
Why are most Nigerians so gullible though?
I was on twitter the other day only to see that one of the trending topics in Nigeria was about Nigerians dragging the president on twitter about unfulfilled promises.


Apparently, some people were really waiting on the new Government to start paying unemployment grants in Nigeria. Like that would work in Nigeria, especially in just 6 months of him assuming office? I was just imagining what fulfilling such a promise would entail. Let's assume that the present government was able to find ways to generate enough income to accommodate that, how would the money be allocated such that it is able to reach those people that were really unemployed and needed it?

How would these unemployed people be checked to meet the criteria in the first place? So many questions to be asked before even thinking about such an intervention in Nigeria. Imagine that as structured as the public service seems, we are still dealing with diversion of funds for illegal purposes and complaints of ghost workers, talk more of trying to define and identify people as being unemployed. Good luck with that!
Some of those promises were just not feasible for me but most Nigerians chose to wallow in them. Well, if you actually voted GMB because you wanted him to actually make $1 to be the equivalent of N1 then you just had a hard lesson, didn't you?

There are things GMB will be outstanding for if he is given some time, but trust me it will not be bringing the value of Naira to be on par with the dollar. He can take a shot at narrowing the wide lacuna, but closing it totally? C'mon guys! Did anyone actually fall for that?

I know it is wrong for people to make promises they cannot fulfil. I mean it is outright lawless, but I am not sure he was expecting anyone to ask him about it in just 6 months. I am beginning to love this generation of Nigerians. See how youths were online speaking their minds with no holds barred. If only most of us can actually work harder against allowing ourselves to be swindled easily. I know it is not easy. Be like me, whenever someone says something that sounds too good to be true, process it in your head and consider the odds before you swallow it hook, line and sinker.

So what do you guys think, does the president need more time or is it just what it looks like? hehehehe I am laughing so hard now. "Sai baba!"

In moments like these, I see hope for the generations to come. At least they can learn from our many mistakes. Can't they? :)

Love always

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  1. They should just do something about the dollar stuff. It is really really bad, naira being almost worthless.

    I won't tell you...

  2. I think it happens everywhere. It is campaign season again in our country and I'm afraid most people still haven't learned their lessons.

    1. I know. It happens everywhere. All the best in the coming elections.

  3. Candidates will always make the promises the public wants to hear. GMB is not the only President to be called out on unfulfilled promises. Even Obama keeps getting called out on a regular basis. They get away with it because we have accepted that politicians lie. Maybe GMB will be the first President to actually feel the wrath of disappointed his constituents and be a lesson for the candidates in 2019. I doubt it though.

    That being said, we can't realistically expect to see massive progress within six months given the extent of the rot within the system. What we should be happy about is the fact that value for the Naira has not slipped further and that power supply is not getting worse by the minute. The same can be said for other aspect of his governance so far.

    I will fault him on one thing though. Part of the reason we haven't seen much progress yet is the fact that he took so long to appoint his ministers. We allowed the excuse that it was difficult to find honest people to work with but in the end he still appointed several people whose integrity are in doubt. He should kuku have appointed them on time so that the ministries could begin to function at full capacity and start getting the work done. As things stand, the work has just begun so let's give him a bit more time and then measure his progress again.


    1. Great thoughts, Naija Bachelor.
      I think 6 months is too sudden, esp since he only appointed his ministers recently

  4. Oh no Mother! Dont even get me started with this charade of a Government.. I mean aYam in shock as to the fact that we Nigerians sheepishLy fell for all the Propaganda and lies that they threw.. I mean what saddens me the most yeah.. Eez that they run their administration like they are still the bloody opposition.. I mean WTH, its November 2015.. You won the friGGing elecShions already.. Oh Janyl;..**Sits down well on Jangolova Chair.. I told you that GEJ's was Better but you didnt agree.. you literally tackled me... Now we are stuck in this Social Media Government where Power Supply is said to have been improved, and refineries repaired plus corruption being fought all with nothing but Body language.. Not Policies.. Not Ministers.. Body Language. Oh Blog Mother.. I cringe when I remember that Nigerians left a seemingly straight road and walked into a maze. Hope for our Future generation?! No Mother.. We Nigerians Dont learn.. We adapt... **deep sigh.

    1. At this point, I really want to reserve all my comments and let time reveal all the answers that we seek


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