Tuesday, 29 December 2015

15 for 15 challenge - Review of Sophs - Inspirations' entries

Hey lovelies
In line with the 15 for 15 challenge, I will be reviewing Sophie's entries today. 

She set out to interview people from different aspects of life and she was able to deliver on that promise. 

13 posts have since been put up for this challenge, remaining just her conclusive and review posts. Every entry was posted well within the frame of each month. 

Here are the links to her entries so far:
Post 1: Introductory post 

Post 2: She interviewed yours truly about blogging

Post 3: She interviewed Toin about her interesting personality and blog

Post 4: She interviewed Ajebutter 22 about his music career

Post 5: She interviewed Benny Ark on balancing career and family

Post 6: She interviewed Chigul on the inspiration behind her comedy feats

Post 7: She interviewed Chef Eros on his love for cooking.

Post 8: She interviewed leadership coach and entrepreneur, Dr. Linus Okorie on the concept of leadership.

Post 9: She interviewed Jehiel Oliver on the challenges of starting an agricultural technology company in Nigeria.

Post 10: She interviewed Faze on his personal drive as a succesful music brand in Nigeria.

Post 11: She interviewed Gospel artist Olaedo on the peculiarities of her journey in the industry.

Post 12: She added an interesting twist and introduced a vlog, where she had blogger JDB answer a few questions on being a Scorpio.

Post 13: She added another Vlog and this time, She had Obi join her to do the Nigerian Vs. American Christmas Tag

Sophie's posts have been consistent in terms of the approach she took to putting them together and the content. It only shows that she put some time to come up with a real strategy to make it work. 
When you commit to something that is long term and still be able to put in your A game, then you are obviously very disciplined and self motivating. That without a doubt is what I intend to say about Sophie's posts for this challenge. One would expect that after a while, the posts for the entries would be watered down, considering the sort of task she embarked on, rather she put a creative twist to it, and brought on vlogs to finish through with the challenge and ended it on a very good note.
Remember to click on each entry to check out her posts.

Love always

Remember you can link in with the shorter URL - www.jbshares.com 


  1. **Adjust chair! mehhnnn ** Throws both hands in the friGGing air outta respect for Sophie! That Child is the True definition of Connect asin ehhnnn.. Sophie Nora eez bae to teh 100th Degree! Aha! her Contact nor be childs play rara oh! hehehehhe

    My favourite posts were the one with Toin (I lllooooooovve me some Egbon Toin 24/7 :)) and the one with that Agro-preneur Guy (That Brother is Smart to the Tee.. I was gobsmacked to the Tee by his industriousness #LifeGoals)! Her Entries were an interesting read all the way i must say..

    Janyl..it was a great walk all through 2015.. hehehe Funny thing yeah.. eezz asIf aYaf somewhat gotten used to the challenge (#2014 #2015) that what to Blog about now will somewhat be random.com. Thank you Blog Mother... for touching many hearts all at once with this #ItcanonlybeGOD kinda initiative.. Thank you for linking all us up..

    Yyyyyyyyaaayyyy!! We Frigging made it.. All the bloggers were a Hit back to Back.. From Ice.. to Sophie.. to Ada.. to clara.. To Ausserehl.. to Chioma.. To Esther.. To janyl to Lola to Confuscious.. Iya La ya anyboRRy heheheheh Janyl Benyl ti Take over.. hehehe **Whispers.. Mbok read that in Olamide's voice at The #Headies2015 #baddosneh hehehehe I am such a clown hehehehe :) Cheers. xx

    1. One of your resolutions this year sould be to take the time to filter your words before saying/writing them out. Most times, it's hard to understand you and most of them are so unnecessary. I don't think anyone should say/write everything that comes to their mind out.

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