Tuesday, 8 December 2015

... harmattan

Hey Lovelies

...And that was how I didn't know how to dress up for harmattan.

It was a Thursday morning. It seemed like one of those regular ones. The plan is always simple - wake up early enough to prepare and get to work on time.

I usually depend on my alarm to signal me on when to get off the bed and start my day.
My alarm didn't. Not that it wouldn't, but a certain cold took over and managed to do the job, earlier than the alarm was scheduled to.

Sticking to habitual patterns that have proven to be rather ideal than mere considerations, I turn to natural sources of ventilation to span through a night of an indeed rewarding sleep. If I do not want my sleep to be disrupted somewhat somewhere in the middle of the night by a sudden compulsion to wake up and turn everything off when the first wave of sound or cold becomes too unbearable, I must remember to do it when my eyes signal me that it's finally time to call it a day. But for the setting and a few penetrative notification lights from phones charging, you would think I was back in the early centuries where there was no advent of electricity. My room has been such an ideal vantage point for easy-breezy nights that I believe is one of the things I will miss the most when I decide to bid this city goodbye. There are two double sliding windows on either side of the room, once I leave them ajar with nothing except the net blocking most parts of it, all the breeze is filtered into the room like I was sleeping on a sandy beach at the peak of a blissful morning. I position the covers strategically, such that my hands can pull easily when it becomes really cold at about midnight or thereabout. 

There was something about today's flushing in of the wind that was rather different. It was way more chilly than expected. Most importantly, I noticed I already had the covers over my body and it still felt like I was swimming in an ocean.
I woke up to the realization that it was harmattan.

I took another glance on the selection I had made the night before as it hung at the side of the wardrobe reserved for just that - a pair of denim trousers, a vest and a complementary blazer. A careful choice aimed at making the tasks of the day go a bit swiftly and easier to handle. A convenient choice, if I might add. The blazer is usually there as an accessory for days like this where I was sure I would look awkward if I didn't understand how to convince everyone in one quick sighting that I had my sense of decency at the optimal level expected of every member of a society with rigid standards of morality like this. Maybe not exactly optimal, but at least at an approvable level. If they saw me with the blazer, they would conclude that I was just trying to prevent my body from scarring away in the heat at that particular moment and would certainly throw the blazer back on once I cooled off a little. There are days (actually almost all the time) where the blazer would hang off my hand to indicate the closest moments it actually made it close to a part of me. It hung on there in a 90 degrees flexed position of the arm to serve as a good way to carry it about as I strutted around like I didn't care that I looked different from most people. Everyone is always well covered up, no matter how hot it is, as though there is a non-verbal guidline and physical austerity;  and here am I flaunting my arms like I didn't know the real implications of that.
Can't they see the weather is too hot? *YOLO. I'd block every piercing eye with those thoughts and go about my concerns like those were the only ones that mattered after all.

That indeed was certainly not going to work today. That was the first worry that made it to my consciousness as I got out of bed. I scanned my box for a nice bodied turtle neck option. I tried it on and smiled as it slipped on like a nice pair of gloves. "It still fits" I gasped. I tossed my earlier choice of a vest and blazer aside. I rushed to the bathroom, showered, took a few more preliminary measures and slipped on the top that passed my very quick test, paired it with a pair of ivory colored pants and headed out to work.

As soon as I started working, I began to heat up real quick. What happened to all the cold that woke me up this morning? The thought lingered as I kept trying to figure it out.
And that was how I realized that I had very minimal knowledge on how to dress for harmattan. I did have a clue obviously, I was totally on the right direction with my thought, but it wasn't well explored.

How on earth did this turtle neck make it to the top of my list today?
Well, in my defence, it was my easy pick for the slightly chilly days a few months ago. What I forgot was that this wasn't autumn, it wasn't even spring, it was the dreaded harmattan. 
How could I forget that for this season the rules weren't going to be just easily transferable? It wasn't going to be the same rules from one chilly season, from another country so far away; to another chilly season, in a country so far away. 
It was the harmattan for crying out loud, I needed to put in some thoughts and draw out a new set of rules. I did and I think I hit it good this time. Since I love to share, you will be reading about it soon. I will also want you to tell me how good I did with my expository quest.

To be continued.

Love always

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*YOLO - You Only Live Once 


  1. Oshey! Chinua Achebe SomeboRRy! **Throws 2 hands in the air as Respect! Ghen ghen!!! Eeezz not a Joking Sturvz oh! See my Blog mother spinning words so effortlessly and so beauRRifuLLy.. iTrip :) **Drops on Knees.. Please Ms JB... can I be like you when i grow up ni?! Pretty please eh! Me sef wanna come and goan be a ghen ghen writer someboRRy like this with Sharp precise diction **Winks.

    That being said.. This Harmattan thing ehhn! Eezz not a joking STurvzz sam sam oh! You need to see how i have used all the saliva in my boRRy to lick my lips this morning.. and its still just 6:02Am. :( and to bath of revent has become WW5.. Considering that Men in my house are considered Military men.. So we dont use Hot waRRa for Early morning Baths.. Janyl Ehnnn.. You need to see me staring at the bucket of Cold waRra for almost 7 minutes (Duration of the blaring Lumia alarm) before diving in! Biko in the legendary Frank Donga's voice.. I cannot come and goan die.. hehehehe Cheers Mother..

    its 15 days to Christnmas. and the crowd goes.. Whoop! Whhoop!!! Plus My Mama's Birthday eez Coming.. #iSoCannoTFriGGingKeepCalm :)

    1. LOL you're so funny

      I cannot wait for the harmattan to come to an end actually. So fed up with it already

      I know! Counting down to it as well :)

  2. Pretty Picture!!! I like your braids. :)

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