Friday, 18 December 2015

My birthday wish list

Hey Lovelies

I decided to write a list of things I want for my birthday just because I learnt that when you want something, the universe conspires to bring it. Universe please, conspire on my behalf :)
In no particular order, here are some of the things I wish Santa would grace my door with this Christmas and of course, birthday:

1. Asos Hatton heeled sandals

I love shoes. Ankle strap sandals have been such a fav on my wardrobe these days and these ones by Asos are absolutely fab. I'm a UK size 4. I love these snake print ones by Newlook too. 

2. Perfumes. 
I particularly need to replace my Elizabeth Arden's red door and my Just Cavali that I am almost running out of. 

3. A nano ipod with an arm band
I love to listen to music when I am working out. The big screened gadgets aren't working anymore. I want something portable; that I can run with, dance with and jump to any heights with.

4. I need running sets as well. 
My fav brand is Nike. 

5. Blazers
I need to replace some of my blazers that I'm sure might become too Ill-fitting soon. Colors that I'm especially favoring are: red, white/ivory/cream, beige, tan, purple ...
I love my blazers looking fitted and tailored to perfection, I'm a UK size 8 and I especially dig blazers from Zara, Mango, Asos, H&M... 

6. Books
I need some books for my personal CPD, but above that, I am craving some great leisure books as well. My favourite genre is romance ;)

7. Tripod stand 
I need a tripod stand for my canon camera. I also need a zooming lens. I am thinking of getting a lighting set too and some other equipments that should help make some blogging tasks easier. Ok this list is getting too long. I have to stop here.

P.s. Do not get anything for me till I let you know you can :)

Have a very lovely weekend
Love always

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  1. When is your birthday ma'am?

  2. Happy birthday in advance and I pray you get all you wish for.

  3. Dear JB, where should we send your birthday present lol? I quite like the Asos Hatton Heeled sandals

  4. Hey, happy birthday. I'm a December baby too.
    Happy Christmas!

    1. Hey hun
      When is your birthday?
      I'm a January baby :)

  5. Dear Universe.. Oya ooohh!! Come and do your Magic :)

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