Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Tips for the Harmattan

Hey Lovelies

So after my ordeal last week, I put my thinking cap on, brought on my drawing board and started putting the pieces together. And these little bits I found out, I thought I'd share.

- Turtle necks, sweat shirts, and other thick clothing options could work in the mornings and evenings, but you should remember that the sun would be out and blazing during the day and it will be just as hot as most days of the year. Nigeria is hot and not even harmattan can change that.

- With regards to the point above, layering is your safest bet. You can wear your regular clothes, and then put a cardigan, blazer or light jacket over it. 

- Thick scarfs come in very handy too. When you are cold, throw one over your neck and upper body and you will feel warm in no time. 

- Light stockings could also serve you well on a cold night out. You can pair them to complement a nice dress. 

- Choose shoes that cover up most parts of your feet. I still do not understand the rationale behind wearing knee high boots in Nigeria and I feel like I need to clarify that I am not suggesting that here. Low ankle boots may suffice, that is if you feel the need to wear boots but for me, pumps, sneakers and ballerina flats work just fine. Sandals, flip flops and the likes will leave your feet too exposed to the dust and the harshness of the weather. 

- One of the peculiarities of harmattan is the dry feeling it leaves on your skin. I remember how my mum would mask us up with petroleum jelly when we were kids and now I know exactly why our foreheads had to shine so much at school :)
You do not want to feel like you dropped into a gallon of oil of course, but you do want to leave your skin glowing, well moisturized and void of cracks. Drop some glycerine into your prefered cream and finish things off by a brush on of a good oil - I usually go for neutrogena oil. You can try the regular natural oils of your choice - coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil.

- You need to up the frequency of your pedicure routine this period. Try to do a foot-soak every weekend and brush any thick layer(s) off.

- You will need to exfoliate your lips more often and never leave home without carrying on a moisturizing lip product. You will need it several times during the day, and even when you are sleeping at night :)

- Finally, drink a lot of water to keep you feeling hydrated, and your skin will feel the impact too. 

Those are my quick tips. You can see how limited the list is, so please, leave me a few of yours too.

I did one for hair care. Check it out here.
Love always

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  1. Thank you Maam!! Another tip - drink hot tea/coffee as often as you can. Helps to warm you up on the inside.....

    1. Tea is certainly a fav for me this season
      Thanks hun x

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