Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Here are 13 reasons why you should unfriend that person on Facebook

Hey Lovelies
I cannot believe I missed posting yesterday. I was so unmotivated to get online because of a certain friend on Facebook who managed to sap the will to even turn on my data settings.

I know we all have that person that can get you annoyed by just a single update. They post something and you are like "Who thinks like this, really?"

So I'll just tell you about a few of these people, and if you decide to start your year on a new note by getting rid of this old stack, it's your decision. I tried to help.
Spot the one(s) you may need to get rid of in the list below:

1. They have turned their partner's wall to a mobile phone. Do you know that sometimes they update each other's wall from the same bedroom? You will be so surprised. You might want to give them some privacy since they don't know how to, shouldn't you? I mean if they have the options of SMS, bbm, whatsapp and even the private inbox on FB, but they see the need to have others see these details in their news feeds, then they've got to go. 

2. They always have misguided opinions on politics and religion that you begin to imagine how their heads work. Don't expose your brain to these toxins. Let them go. 

3. They keep inviting you to make money online or feed their hungry animals that are about to die in some virtual farm yard. You need to help them see that they can get a real job and make money, as well as get a real farm with real animals and crops.

4. They invite you for ladies' free night and discounted cocktails at a ladies free night club every Friday, and Thursdays and Sundays, and even Mondays. "Drink your Monday woes away, right?" They've got to go. 

5. They add you to different groups, invite you to like way too many pages that are clearly off your alley. One or two times is okay as a favor for a friend. But way too frequently? Are you a page-like promoter of some sort or what? 

6. They are crazily in love that they don't remember that one more picture of them and the partner in the same outfit, in another pose on the same day means that they have 10 of the same picture and that is what everyone else sees and not the different poses.

7. They like to share their "very wonderful lives" and end things with a few words for their haters. Looks like they might have a lot of "haters" that they always see the need to check in on them so frequently. You might want to cut down on the number of "haters" they have, which usually are those who do not "like" those posts or confirm their allegiance by showing their support via their comments.

8. They like to show you pictures of what they had for "breakfast." No body cares about what you eat btw, just be sure you are eating. Well, that's what most people care about except you are auditioning to join the "So you think you can cook"group which you can just click, join and share the pictures there btw. 

9. They would jump on any thread and abuse the other people commenting and leave you apologizing to these real people in your life on their behalf. They need a real lesson on how to be polite while airing a differing opinion. Less time on Facebook will accord them the time to learn that, so help them read one less post on FB today. Delete!

10. They just wake up and decide to tag you on annoying posts and you just have to fight the urge of telling them exactly how you feel. And I know you also have that one that tags you and many others on a photo that clearly has only them "chilling" and "having fun", leaving you to search your mind for clues on how that should be any of your business. They've got to go. 

11. Their walls have proven to be real hubs for uncensored posts, disgusting and graphic photos. "Hey look, there is blood everywhere here because I am a doctor and I am operating on this 'cute' patient today" appropriately it should read "I am a trainee who joined some surgeons to the ward today and I am so fascinated by that" BUT we'll let that slide because they are yet to learn that it is unethical right?
Nude pics all day, everyday, huh? We do not need all that detail tbh. Delete!

12. They just love to write on your wall. The FB wall is for a quick hello. Anyone that passes vital info on your wall needs to be redirected to where they can locate your email and not even the FB inbox again, since they couldn't locate that earlier. Guess who is going to find your email address when they are no longer on your FB wall? Right, you are. Just delete!!!

13. They only remember you when you post something and they leave comments like "You have forgotten me". We both don't keep in touch, can we share the blame? No, the guilt tripping comments on a simple photo with a few friends will not be as purposeful. 
For how long do you want to keep ignoring such comments? Delete, shall we?

Don't deal with these people this year! Delete!!!

Love Always

Photocredit: Facebook

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  1. I laughed all through. So glad I don't have all those drama on my FB wall.

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