Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Please, help

Hey Lovelies

As you would have already guessed, I will be needing your help in finding the winner of the '15 for 15 challenge.' I already mentioned at the start that I will be needing your votes.

After much considerations, we have finally narrowed down the contenders for the '15 for 15 challenge' winner's spot to  JDB of Young and Confused blog (read his review here), Sophie of Soph's Inspirations (review here), Chynanu of Chynanu's blog (review here) and Phoenix of Ediyemade (review here).

Please, take some time to read their reviews and their entries for the challenge, and leave a comment with who you think deserves to win.
They all churned out great content, be prepared to be blown away. That is why I am not even trying to settle on a winner independently.

Please, encourage your readers to vote. Apparently, it is only those who took the time to read (and enjoy) your entries that will want to vote you over the others. It might take a while to read through all your entries and this is ending in 2 weeks. The person with the highest number of votes gets it.

And the MOST INSPIRING READERS' AWARD for 2015 will be going to one of the lucky voters. I usually give an award to the most inspiring reader on my blog every year. For 2015, I just couldn't settle down and choose. I decided that I will be selecting one voter randomly and will be sending them the very special gift I had in mind. Trust me, you'll be so excited when you hear what it is. 

Please, leave all the comments under this particular post. 
Note: Anonymous entries will not be accepted.

P.s. If we missed anyone that has up to 15 posts as of today the 26th, please, draw my attention to that.

Thanks for the help :) 

Love always
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Remember you can link in with the shorter URL - www.jbshares.com 


  1. I'm off to read their reviews.....

  2. Hiya Janyl! Yyyaaayyy! i see me.. iBlush :) Okay! I cast my Vote for Ada.. My OtuNNe of life.. who Blogs at www.chynanu.wordpress.com

    Reason: I love the versatility of her posts.. as they were endearing to the tee. May the best man win.

  3. Woohoo! I made it to the list! Feeling cool with meself! Great idea by the way Janyl...
    Will cast my own vote in a bit..

    1. Ok!!! Without a doubt, my vote is for chynanu. Her posts were very inspiring. Her words have a way of making even the meanest villain think about his past and wonder what good he can do. For himself and the ppl around him.
      It's amazing how words of a stranger can dig deep into your soul and make you wonder what u will be remembered for when you eventually kick the bucket.

  4. Exciting. I see Duru! Wow. You guys are all inspiring.

  5. Hard to give but i go for Sophie of Soph's Inspirations.
    All of them did good all through the challenge

  6. Kinda hard to choose o.... chai!

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  8. Hi Janyl,
    I had no idea that your comments were going to my spam box.
    I vote for Duru for his consistency, his amazing content and of course because I wouldn't have made it without him.

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