Tuesday, 12 January 2016

What's for 2016?

Hey Lovelies
I hope y'all are ready to sweep 2016 off it's feet like a very hot lady/bloke? Imagine the comparison, anyway you get my point :)

Firstly, I have to apologise for not giving out a delivery address for my birthday gifts.
Next time maybe? ;)
Ok guys, truth is, that is not why we are here. Please, don't take me too seriously all the time. I want to give on this blog more than I want to receive. Besides you guys bring a lot with your presence here each day. Thanks to everyone that stopped by to make my day a littlle special with the kind words and wishes. It's well appreciated.

I am still trying to put together some plans for the blog, until then my posts will be so random. I do want to blog regularly, so pardon me with the slow start.

Unfortunately, we will not be having a '16 for 16 challenge' this year. We had it consecutively for two years and I think we had a good run so far.
Speaking of which, only I, JDB and Sophie completed the challenge like required.
I decided to give another two weeks extension to anyone that was able to put in 13 entries before the end of 2015. That means, all that should be left should be just the conclusive and the review posts.
If you can put in the remaining posts before I compute the list in two weeks, we are good. Thank JDB for that tho

Have you put in any goals, plans, resolutions for 2016?
Let's hear.

Love always
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  1. Its great of you to outline what you want for your blog for the year, it'd help to put things in perspective I hope. Warm greetings and best wishes!

  2. Oh yes I have. I have goals in all areas of my life, although I try not to live with you many rules. I love goals, they make life so meaningful.

  3. I hope you have one wonderful year ahead. :)

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