Friday, 12 February 2016

'15 for 15' challenge: And the winner is...

Hey Lovelies
And this is where we finally draw the curtains for the '15 for 15' challenge.
I hope you enjoyed it as much as we all enjoyed sharing our entries with you.

As of today, the voting has ended. Thanks to everyone who voted.

Chynanu had 2 votes, while Sophie and JDB had one each.
And the winner for the '15 for 15' challenge is...

Chynanu of Chynanu's blog.

Please, send me a mail so we can talk about how to deliver your prize.

Well done to all the contenders. You all did such great jobs. And I thought it was important to acknowledge that in some way, albeit not massively

I thought of something special for you all. If you've been on my Instagram page lately (@janylbenyl) you'd have had a little hint :)

So last year, while deciding that we should take the time to use a voting method to select the '15 for 15' challenge winner, I noticed that we would have very little time to rush through it to start a '16 for 16' one. And also, I realized that I would not be able to commit to overseeing it properly, because I have 2 huge projects that I am embarking on this year. As a matter of fact, at some point, I will need to take a break from blogging I.e, if I cannot put in a proper strategy in preparing posts and scheduling them ahead of time. 

Since one of the main reasons for starting the challenge was to help anyone interested in blogging better each year have an effective source of motivation, I decided to find other ways to help keep that up.
I decided to put together a blog planner for the contenders, because obviously, they have showed that they want to keep up with the consistency of putting out regular posts and I knew that a blog planner would be very beneficial, ESP in the absence of the challenge. Everyone that had at least 13 posts will be getting that.

For the 'Most Inspiring Reader's Award', all the comments on the post were numbered from 1 - 9. Someone commented 2 times so one was omitted, leaving us with 8 designations. was used to generate a number randomly, and it fell on number 5.

And the lucky winner for the 'Most Inspiring Reader's award' is... Godfirst Chukwuma. We had a different kind of gift for you, but since we noticed you are also a blogger, we decided that you will also benefit from the JBS Blog planner and will be sending one your way.

Congrats to our respective winners.

Everyone please send me an email. janylbenyl@gmail(dot)com
Chynanu, JDB, Sophie, Ediyemade, Clara and Godfirst.
Thanks for indulging y'all.
Have a great weekend.

Love always
Instagram/Twitter: @janylbenyl


  1. Yyyaaayyyy!!! My Ada won!!! Yyaaayyy!! My Otunne won!! Yyyyaaayyy!!! :) I am heXSCited ;)

  2. Oh Wow! I won! We're all winners! Thanks Janyl for pushing us out of our comfort zones with this challenge.

  3. And thats how we found who the cap of the challenge fits. Congrats Adaeze!

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