Tuesday, 9 February 2016

The power of N1000

Hey Lovelies

Something changed. 
Was it a positive effect or negative one?
I rummaged in my mind for the answers to this question and more related ones, and it was all because of a boy.

I met him on a very regular day. I was driving home from work as usual when the unfamiliar face caught my attention.

I was halted by the traffic light and he raced down to my car to beg for alms. I noticed him from the array of beggars and something about him caught my attention. He was very young, maybe about 12/14. I do not particularly like to give money to beggars on the road. I remember when a friend said that they used the money for very shameful things. "Look for registered charity organizations and support regularly. You will never feel guilty when you see anyone you cannot help. These people on the streets are hideous," he had cautioned me. Those warnings suddenly became muffled as I looked straight into this young lad's face. I wound down and handed him the N200 that was peeping through the unlocked part of my bag, just before the street light turned amber, and then green.

A few days later, I was back in the same spot. I looked up and there he was. The street light was already turning amber and I just had to drive off. I spotted him from my rear view mirror. The disappointment on his face was salient. It had become our little routine. Whenever I passed that route, I would be sure to have some change on me and he would spot my car and run down to it immediately. 
I trafficated and found a comfortable spot for my car by the side of the road. He was still looking at my car, so he saw me stop and raced down immediately. This time, the fragility that compelled me to give to him during our first encounter was replaced with an unmissable streak of joy. He seemed very excited to have seen me stop and it was as though we had a little understanding or perhaps, shared more than just a few quick glances. He still didn't speak. He tried to make some gestures but I couldn't miss the cheer in his eyes. I reached for my bag and this time, I tucked back the N100 note I had initially kept away for him and pulled out a N1000 note from my wallet. Maybe I wanted to reward him for the extra effort he put into running down. Maybe I felt like I owed him a little more for something I couldn't possibly describe. I don't know what it was, but I just knew the N100 was not enough this time. I had become acquainted with the smiles and the bowing of head that followed everytime he took the money I gave him from my hand, but I did not quite place the expression he gave me when I gave him the N1000. By the time I drove off, I noticed he was waving. I just smiled and continued.

The next day I was back there and he wasn't. Maybe he had gone to eat. I thought.
5 days after he still was not there.
After exactly two weeks, I decided to ask another beggar. I described him and they told me he was gone. "Gone to where?" I asked.
"He dey find money to go," the man on the floor replied.  

Two weeks after, I am still hoping that the money would have made a positive impact and not a negative one. I can't stop thinking about the possibilities and impossibilities, but I really do hope that whatever it is the N1000 triggered, that it only brought something good.

P.s. I am announcing the winner for the '15 for 15' challenge this week against all odds.
You guys put me in an awkward position. Yes, all of you that failed to help like I requested. Now we even have a tie. It's a lot to read, right? What really happened to the reading culture in Nigeria? LOL
Anyways, watch out for the final update on that later this week. 

Love always
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  1. Well you were very kind whatever the outcome

  2. I understand really that you can't forget this little boy - and I hope with you that your money was in the end a positive flashpoint. Or maybe you will nevertheless meet him again ... Many thanks for sharing this honest story, you touched me really.
    Thank you further for your kind comment on my blog. Do you want to follow each other?
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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