Tuesday, 29 March 2016

A smile to brighten the day

Hey Lovelies
You know God is smiling at you when you open a mail that makes you smile heartily like the one below.

It reads:
Hi Janyl
Thank u (you) for been (being) a blessing.
U (you) are God sent and ur (your) blog has helped me a lot.
I was just reading your post anout (about ?) how u (you) want to deal with the financial crisis and it felt like u (you) wrote that to me. I went to the uk this January for my masters only to hear about this naira issue. 
I am just feeling bad for my dad. We waited for this admission so you can imagine that not following through with it was not even an option. Although we didn't know things would get this worse maybe my dad would have asked me to wait till September.
I have been trying to manage. Every month the thing is just getting worse and worse and worse. I wish my dad has enough money to send to me so I could just change it to pounds and be using that till I leave but he sends me money monthly when they pay him his salary. He was telling me the amount he used to send for my monthly allowance in naira has doubled. Aah! Janyl only God can save us in Nigeria. Before I came, I was looking at fashion sites for suggestions on where to buy winter clothes. I was just checking all these fashion bloggers and the big big names and shops they were posting.
Thank God you posted that your birthday wish list. I just copied some shops from there. I like how you did not write big big names hahahaha. I just went to h&m and bought a lot of things.
Me I was like, if Janyl shops from h&m and still reps beauty and style like this, then for sure you don't need to wear big big names. I didn't even know that Newlook was in the uk too. How I wish you used to add where you shop in your fashion posts. 
Anyways thanks for being yourself. Proud fan.


I had a post scheduled for this week but when I saw this email, I knew I had to share it instead.
The perks of blogging, you wake up on a very random day and you get to read a mail that gives you a reason to smile unendingly. 
Thanks Abigail for spending the time to send me the kind words. I promise, I have a very good reason for not posting where I buy what I wear, but I'm glad my birthday wish list worked for you in that regard. I will put some thoughts into how to bridge that gap in future.
I wish you all the best and I pray God continues to provide enough for your dad to see you through school. 
Quick thoughts though, I know the money your dad is sending should be for your upkeep. Right? Have you thought of getting a casual/part time job for your upkeep (or at least part of it)? That feels like a more sustainable approach and I'm sure your dad will appreciate the relief too. Check in your school, they should have some pointers on where you can get (reliable) job listings. Try not to take on too much of it, so you can still have valuable time to devote to your studies and you should be good. 

Also, if your dad is sending money to you. Let him send it in Naira to your Naira account. Use internet banking to move the money to your foreign account or just use your naira ATM card to withdraw it in the UK. The rates are only outrageous when he tries to buy the foreign currencies in Nigeria to send to you. 

Love always 

I've been a little stifled with the posts lately. I should try to blog more than once a week in the coming month. So help me God :)

What would you love to see more of? 

Love always 


  1. Aw. Fan mail makes me smile.
    You're doing something right for you to deserve this.

    Keep it up.

  2. Awww, this is so touching. :)

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