Tuesday, 1 March 2016


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So in my last post, I called out the increasing rate of poor services and products in Nigeria.

It's like the #BuyNaijaTOGrowTheNaira just came to propagate things.

Almost everyone is trying to produce something, whether it is good enough or not, with the hopes that Nigerians will favour it either way, just 'cause there is a dire need to save the naira. I'm all for us being productive but even more, it doesn't make sense if people are going to keep rolling out poor quality products/services and expect it to be  just enough.

And at the end of the day, it's usually the poor masses that have to bear the brunt of bad choices while the real people that can effect significant changes stay unbothered.

Why do I have to buy poor quality to save the naira when I can buy better?
This is the question I have been trying to get everyone involved to answer, so perhaps, we can find a more sustainable way in improving our economy.

Last time, I called out the producers and service providers. Today it is the government.
Another post about the government? Yes! Leading is not about folding your hands to sleep and expect things to work. You have to be very proactive, ever ready to make sacrifices.

So while we are busy blaming Nigerians for not buying Nigerian, And Nigerians are claiming it's because most of the products aren't just worth it and they are urging manufacturers and service providers to give better, the latter group believe the government is to be blamed.
Producers and service providers will tell you that it costs a lot to make any product available in Nigeria. They have to spend a whooping sum to get power supply to be able to create their products, that once they get something they believe is good enough, they try to cut costs by not going the extra mile.
The popular excuse is that if they had to really implement their ideas to the fullest, such products would cost even higher.
Interestingly, the people that should resolve this huge issue are busy blaming Nigerians for not patronizing local products.

Since we always rush to create hashtags than look for more rewarding solutions, 
I thought we might need to have #BuyIdeasFromANigerianBrain hashtag too.

Since we cannot see the products because they are stiffled by "logical limitations", maybe what we really need to be selling then are just the ideas. Just saying!

This message is targeted at the Nigerian Government. 
Please, provide an environment that allows for creativity to thrive.

Love always
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  1. Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. Same goes to my government. Actually to all world leaders.

  3. I hope for a Better Nigeria.. Maybe Today.. Maybe Tomorrow.. But one day someday.


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