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I'm cool, she isn't

Hey lovelies

I tried my hands on a new short story. Just enjoy it and don't forget the take home message.

Here is a random day in two different families:
Family 1
Mr. Adamu: Hey darling, the teacher has been complaining that Mabel is failing woefully in school. I thought her former school was the problem, but as it turns out, she's the problem. The teacher said we have to be very careful, because the final exams is approaching and she needs to do well if she must proceed to the next class.
Mrs. Adamu: *Sigh* I know. This school is one of the best and the teachers even told me that they've been putting in the extra effort particularly when it involves her.
Mr. Adamu:  I think she needs a private teacher.
(Mabel runs into the house.)
Mabel: Hey daddy, mummy! I am come back
Mr. Adamu: Mabel, it is not "I am come back". It is "I am back" or if you want to use 'come', then say "I have come back". Now say it 5 times.
Mabel repeats it 5 times
Mr. Adamu: Alright, I have to attend a meeting now. Tell mum if you need anything, alright?

A few hours later. Mabel's Dad (Mr. Adamu) returns
Mrs. Adamu: Hey darling, what's in the bag?
Mr. Adamu: Ooh there are a couple of teaching aids for Mabel.
Mabel's mother (Mrs. Adamu)  busies herself with trying to empty the bag.
Mr. Adamu: I talked to a friend today after the meeting and he helped me to contact a very good private tutor for Mabel, but she'll only be able to start in 2 weeks. However, I think we can wait for her because she's willing to come around 3 times a week, 2 hours each time to help her out. So in the mean time my friend introduced me to these videos. He said it was very helpful for their kid. I also got her a dictionary, some textbooks my friend also recommended, some novels, if she loves to read them, her English will be next to perfect soon. All hands must be on deck to remedy this her failure.
Mrs. Adamu: Wow that's really nice. I thought about some options myself and I already decided to make some time out to help her with her school work
Mr. Adamu: But you know you've been doing this before and...
Mrs. Adamu: I know, I've just been a little busy at the office lately and that gets in the way sometimes. I'll try to dedicate more time to her.

Mabel having dinner with her aunt later in the day
Mabel's aunt: What fruit would you like?
Mabel: Aunty, give me 2 orange
Mabel's aunt: No dear, when it's more than one, you say 'oranges'
Now say it correctly
Mabel: Aunty, give me 2 oranges
Mabel's aunt: Good job

Family 2
Mrs. Uche: Mary! Why you stay long for school like this today? You know this orange go spoil if you no sell am finish today. And you know you need to come back quick from school if you want to finish selling it.
Mary: Mama, but I get homework
Mrs. Uche: You get homework and you no come back since? You see money to buy even food for this house? Oya go quick go sell am now so you go finish on time. You must finish it before you can do your homework.
That your school where they no even check the homeworks. Last one where I do for you, the teacher mark am?
Mary: No
Mrs. Uche: Oya go sell your orange. Leave am I go help you do am
Mary: No do am. You know the other one where you do the other day, na only 3/10 I get.
Mrs. Uche: See you, you no know I dey try well well. Na only standard six I get o.

Mary at the market
Buyer: Abeg give me 5 orange
Mary: 5 will be 'oranges' no be 'orange'
Buyer: Abeg give me the orange jor. Na me you want use practice English. Mumu girl
Mary: Sorry abeg, I dey try help myself too. When I see this thing for exam, the thing confuse me well, 'cause nobody dey remember to put the 's' when they come to buy. As I confirm am from my teacher, I no want miss am again.

15 years later, Mary and Mabel are all grown up and they now study in the same university. 
Hi, please, I am coming just today. Are you in this class? Can we be friends?

Mabel: Excuse me? Friends with who? Was that supposed to be English language or what? Please, please, I am not in the mood. And no, we cannot be friends.

OK, can I seeing your lecture notes, please?

Mabel: hahahaha you haven't finished speaking English, you want to read my notes. Please, scoot. Dullard!

To be continued....

Love always
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