Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Why International Women's Day?

Hey Lovelies
Happy International Women's day to all the ladies

As someone pointed out, today is that day when a lot of guys usually feel the need to feel like the whole world is just biased towards women. It doesn't help when you realise that Sunday was Mother's day and only two days after, it is already another day to celebrate women. Does it?
And you know the most interesting part? Women do understand exactly how to make themselves celebrated. Perhaps, it comes with feeling marginalised most of the time, but women can celebrate themselves endlessly. Once an opportunity presents itself like today, you can bet a lot of women will make the most of it.

Today, a lot of institutions and individuals organised well thought out events to mark the day. Issues concerning women were raised at both big and small platforms. These usually happen on days like this. Honestly, I do not think the men have a fair competition with this so far. And you will be so surprised that most of them believe the disparity is due to the fact that women have and celebrate these days.

So many men do not even know the dates for International Men's day or Fathers day, talk more of trying to make worthwhile plans.
It beats me that men choose to ignore the fact that they have these special days as well, and they should employ it to raise issues that are peculiar to them instead of feeling cheated.

Instead all you get is always that one or two men asking why women have more days to celebrate women than men when frankly it is evenly distributed.

Well... the answers are elusive, perhaps someone can help me out here.

To all the women in the house, I hope no one dared to ask you what exactly you're celebrating and you did have a happy one.

P.s. do not forget Father's day slated for June 19 and International Men's day on November 19.
Let's try to make the most of these days

Love always
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  1. I for one believe that women are worth celebrating. I mean Women play a large role in our society.. so why not if not. They deserve it.

    1. On behalf of all the women in the world, thank you for deeming us worthy to celebrate


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