Friday, 15 April 2016

Introducing... My NYSC Experience + 'Life and Living' with JB

Hey Lovelies

Last time, I told you about my latest adventure here. Well, it's no more 'cause I am now an ex corper.

Already? Yes!

I love to do this, don't I? :D
So the surprise I talked about was the fact that I was already rounding up with it and I passed out yesterday. I have been in Nigeria for over a year now and NYSC is now officially off my 'to do list' for good. But you should have guessed with all the "Nigeria, this, Nigeria that" posts lately. Or would I write about harmattan from the UK? :) 

And that brings me to this part that I am so eager to share with y'all. I am going back to posting two times a week - Tuesdays and Fridays/Saturdays. I have been planning (albeit, not so successfully) to get back to blogging two times a week (at least) since the beginning of the year. The greatest deterrent has been the fact that I have been trying to find an exciting (enough) theme for my weekend posts. I wanted something different from what I usually post on Tuesdays; something fun, light hearted/entertaining. Last year, I played around with "around the web series" but it was sorta hard to keep it regular because it's not every time you stumble on pictures that are worth sharing.

Keeping the weekend posts regular has been sorta sorted now. Apart from the "around the web series" that usually work for the weekend posts, you can come around for my NYSC stories and shenanighans. We'll save the randomness from the other themes for Tuesdays. 

And you have the very first entry on My NYSC Experience. It's a mini Vlog (+ interview sessions) for batch A 2015 corpers' passing out ceremony that happened yesterday. 

With this I would like to formally introduce "My NYSC EXPERIENCE" series, which as the name suggests will be a documentation of some of my experiences during NYSC :) 

And "Life and Living", my Vlog series. 

Excited? Hope you enjoy them all.

Love always 
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  1. Congrats. Same here. Had my POP too. Where did you serve

  2. Congratulations on your POP...looking forward to the series.

  3. Congratulations JB! Forward march to greater heights. Amen. :)

  4. Congrats o. This was a serious undergee runs, lol.

  5. Congratulations Janyl. Greater Heights. Blessings!


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