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I have been feeling a little bad about mentioning that I did NYSC and it's all because I got a Facebook message the other day and it now feels like I have to explain why I thought it necessary to come back home for it. It's saddening that I have to say that sometimes I receive the messages that make me smile (like this one I wrote about) and sometimes you have to deal with the trolls. So this guy spent his time to tell me that I am what is wrong with Nigeria and according to him, it was so disappointing because my posts about Nigeria used to sort of indicate that I was different. 
Guess why I had to deal with all those derogatory comments? Because he was certainly convinced that "I just ran into Nigeria, lobbied my way and got my NYSC certificate and had the boldness to flaunt it on my blog." That's just cold Mehn!
Seriously, why would this guy think that I would bother so much to buy a certificate I may never need? Leave me please, I am not you LOL
It sorta made me feel very different in a very special way though.

When I came back for NYSC to be honest, it was not about the certificate. I truly wanted something far from what you may be able to understand, I will try to put it together in words someday. I wanted the Nigerian experience and the NYSC experience all in one. Prior to this, I didn't even have any working experience in Nigeria. Especially as a Public Health Specialist, that wasn't exactly a good score. And that was just one of my many reasons to embark on it. 
Anyways, the great part is that I already said I will be sharing my experience. If I hadn't already decided to share my experience, I would give it a serious thought right now. 
I went through the process like sweat, stress and all. If you think I would come down here to buy that certificate, then you need to read my blog more 'cause you do not know me.  
I came back to Nigeria in the heat of the elections last year (check out this post) and enrolled for the scheme. Read my blog consistently for the past one year (read between the lines) and you will realize that there is nothing that sounds like someone that was still in the UK. It's just my preference to sorta blog retrospectively on this blog most of the times and I can understand your worries still, but I take an exception to your derogatory comments. 
Please, if you ever feel the need to send me such, nip the urge. It's never (been and will never be) welcomed. 

Sorry this blog is undergoing some revamping this period, hence the difficulties with navigation and all. I apologise for the inconveniences. It will be up and running normally from next week and you can be sure to have timely posts as well.

Let me know what you think of the new interface btw.

Love Always 
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