Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Five things I splurge on

Hey Lovelies
Today I am sharing on some of the items in my closet that I do not mind splurging on. Splurge in the sense that I need to have enough money to spend on them or just forget about trying to shop for these items.

                                      I've had this bag for 5 years +

1. Bags
I do not like to have too many of them, which makes it usually easier to focus on quality over quantity. I just think of merging the money most people would use to buy 2 - 4 bags (depending) to buy one and make the most of that till I can afford to buy another one. It's been a very smart decision so far.

L - 2016,  R - 2012 

2. Perfumes
I love fragrances. I usually have to spend a tad more to get exactly the one I feel like wearing. These days, I do not try to smell the very expensive ones. You know what they say, what you don't know won't hunt you :)

3. Shoes
If you've ever seen cheap shoes give up on people and leave them with embarrasing moments, you'll understand the essence of spending some money to buy something of great quality. I can wear my good shoes over and over again, and that is where I get my money worth. It's always a big win with this one.

4. Jewellery
What is the point of staring at your nice jewellery but you can't use them because they're faded or rusty? Put a little money on it and that worry will be alien to you.
I like that I can spice up a simple outfit with good jewellery and that is enough motivation to throw the money there over other things in my wardrobe.

5. Makeup
Anything that would end up on my face has to be tested and trusted and the really good ones are usually on the high side, esp if you buy a lot at once. The good thing is, I am not one of those that will dump my powder or foundation after three months. That makeup hack hasn't found a way to bypass my budgetting sense yet. If I do not exhaust them, I clear them out at the end of the year and not any second before then :)

I do not like to spend on clothes as you clearly noticed that is not on my list.

What beauty/fashion items would you rather spend on?

Love always
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