Saturday, 7 May 2016


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So after what seemed like a real epiphanic moment in camp, I relapsed back to contemplating why an internship at the WHO (or UN) wouldn't have been a real step in the right direction for my career. 

At least, I would have been experiencing the Danish life in Copenhagen or the amazing Swiss life in Geneva, two great cities waiting for me to explore. 

And even if I wanted to return to Africa to do it, how could Adiss Ababa not be a good place to live and explore? My wanderlust needed satiety and I had planned to devote a lot of 2016 to it, instead what I was faced with was a life I could not exactly explain, right in the suburbs of Sagamu. It was funny when everyone said it was one of the best camps in Nigeria (the reason why it had a lot of foreign trained corpers), meanwhile I had to work harder at restraining myself from being extremely traumatized in camp. Some days, everything just came crashing in on me, and I contemplated I never really thought it through when I assured myself that I wanted to experience a new set of challenges, and NYSC seemed like a great option.

First week, I was slammed with the craziest allergies 

My mind was grappled with exhausting throes. The few reasons I decided to keep it going and not give in to the impulse of just packing my bags, running and ending it all were: I had a very good support system back at home, and most importantly, because I do not like to feel like a quitter. 
Back to the former, I must confess that I seldom wonder how I deserved the kind of support I've had through out my life from very loving people on such a platter of gold. Whenever I wanted to succumb and just reassure myself that it was necessary for me to quit to retain my sanity and promise to find ways to get over the fact that I did, I would get a call that will transcend me back to where I could remind myself that I was capable of pushing it just a little further. A little further, became the long haul.
And my second lesson was a practical course on positive living; Focusing on the highs and selectively ignoring the rest.
I even started documenting my journey here. If you have trouble generating positive energy in the midst of chaos to see you through reaching your targets, then you should join me on my journey and let's try to do it together.

...To be continued

Love always
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UN - United Nations
WHO - World Health Organisation 


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