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Hey Lovelies
Thank God for the opportunity to join the medical team in camp. Just going to the NYSC clinic gave me a real escape from the reality and made me feel like I was doing something significant after all.

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NYSC mostly felt like a waste of valuable time for me.

After braving through the first week, I made a real decision to stay and that prompted me to find ways to make things work. First off, I scheduled my toilet trips. Luckily for me, the ladies in my room, scratch that, hall of a room decided that we should contribute and get someone to clean the toilet, three times a week. Thank God I did not need to get that one done 'cause for a second I would have thought of how to make them see that I was not just being dramatic, but that having a good toilet with safe hygienic conditions was a necessity. God listened to my silent prayers and fixed that worry for me. And that was how I scheduled my toilet trips to 3 times a week.

JBSHARES.COM, Nigerian blogger, NYSC, Lifestyle blogger, Nigerians, Nigeria,
Last day at the NYSC camp clinic with some members of the 
medical team 

I would hold it down and be ready to let it out only a couple of seconds after the lady that cleaned the toilet stepped out. With a bottle of antiseptic, disposable latex hand gloves and some baby wipes, I could do the deed with minimal worry. Yes, I would wipe the seat clean with the disinfectant until I was sure it was as safe as possible. I would dump some clean water in the bowl itself no matter how clean it looked and pour in at least a quater of a bottle of the antiseptic. This was safer than anything else my head toyed with. Maybe Sagamu was actually the best, 'cause from the stories I heard, having a WC style toilet was actually a luxury. Not sure I would have been able to bear anything less. Yes, it is true that God will not give us more than we can bear. Thank God!

JBSHARES.COM, Nigerian blogger, NYSC, Lifestyle blogger, Nigerians, Nigeria,
Last day with some members of the social committee 

Thinking about it now, I am not sure how I coped. The first few days, I did a lot of snacking. No real foods, just the stuff I came with and fruits. It was really going to mess up my scheduled trips to the toilet, I had to restrategize. Finally, I discovered that there was a place I could eat from at Mami market. It was never going to be as hygienic as my own kitchen, but I could pretend like it was. I needed to survive, so I tried harder and I did. I kept trying to escape the new reality by filling up all of my time with activities. I was in the medical team, I joined the media team and the socials' committee. I was always busy so my head would have no room to fully process the state I was in.

JBSHARES.COM, Nigerian blogger, NYSC, Lifestyle blogger, Nigerians, Nigeria,
These parts were voluntary, but I was having it all :)

Y'all know why I joined the medical team so I do not need to tell you about that. I joined the media team to pick up a few skills and the social committee 'cause I believed I had a few ideas to offer. I later figured I'd need to work really hard at the people who believed they really could not use anyone's opinions except theirs, so I pretended like I was just there to while away time. Yes, that's me. I choose my battles, some are not worth the stress at all.
And my third lesson, was on how to handle interesting people. The kind you can only find in Nigeria. Interestingly and incredibly rewarding!

I somehow stumbled on the rewarding parts, I am sure you do not want to miss the next post in the series. be continued

Love always


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