Saturday, 28 May 2016


Hey Lovelies
I will like to mention that I did not enjoy my service year like my sister did, neither did I dread it like those people with the horrible stories, but I did learn a whole lot from the experience and I am glad I embarked on it.

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Now I can confidently tell my Nigerian colleagues who tried to put me down for not being a "true Nigerian" because I did not know what it meant to get dirty on the NYSC parade ground, that I have been there and done all that LOL

They said I have a picture of Nigeria in my head that was not realistic. Having been through the NYSC scheme with a first hand experience of some of the struggles that plague us as a people, I can say that I do understand some of the realities that exist, and with that I was able to categorise the parts that contributed to idealism and sentimentalism. However, I am happy that I have created a certain view of Nigeria in my head and that I intend to keep. And in my head, I will try to bridge the gap of what it really is and what it could be. Now I have come to a full understanding of why I do not need to change it.

And everyday the lessons that abound metamorphosed into awesome ideas, and for that I am extremely grateful for the opportunities.

Love always
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  1. Great experience. Enjoy and continue to explore!


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