Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Apologies? Forget it!

Hey Lovelies

I've had so many moments where someone tried to humiliate me due to certain things they've concluded are disadvantages. I appreciate the concern, love and compasssion :)

This is the point where I shrug and just tell you about some of them.
You know whatever you accept cannot be used against you.
In no particular order, these are some of the things I do not apologize for:
1. Being black
... with nappy hair, broad nose... and all...
Sometimes, I wish I could just write about my travails with this particular one without getting emotional. The things I have to deal with in this life!

2. Being Nigerian
A few Nigerians have made it to the world stage on a bad note? Is everyone in your country like you? Didn't think so! Deal with it and try de-individuation. It works! 

3. Being a lady 
"It's a man's world" You can tell yourself all you want. That shouldn't be my problem, should it? Sorry, I will not be apologizing for not being a man in "a man's world". Sadly!

4. Having an affinity for books
Nerd, smarta$$, bookworm, whatever... call me! I don't care. You can't bully me into changing that to please anyone for any reason in the world. Are you the nerd? No? Then go back to sleep. 

5. Spending my money
At least you won't say I (or even my family) stole the government's money or someone else's for that matter. I work really hard, I'm not even kidding. If I have money, best believe that I earned it and how I spend it shouldn't be your headache. When you work hard, you should be able to afford the good things of life or at least, a few of them as it is in my case. 

6. Loving God 
Do you know my story? Do you know the many nights I stayed in my bed and wondered if there would ever be a breakthrough for my kind or how it would happen, and somehow I made it to where I am and you think our stories are alike?
I will not apologize for loving a God who loves me more than I could ever try to reciprocate. Sorry, not sorry! 

Well, if you're waiting for an apology, you will wait till hell freezes up! LOL 

What are some of the things you do not want to apologise for?

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