Tuesday, 12 July 2016


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I am a big fan of the William sisters not necesarily because they are superstar tennis players, but because of what they represent - dint of hardwork and sheer determination.
When they won the double at Wimbledon, I was so happy and inspired all over again.
I watched one of Serena's interviews where she mentioned how her Dad would pay people to hurl insults at her (and her sister) while they trained. From a very tender age, she understood the relevance of ignoring and rising above people's opinions and actions.

It would have taken me a lot of words to break this montage down, to explain what these words really imply but for the events of the past week that necesitated the hashtag #blacklivesmatter. This trend depicts just how peculiar the struggles of the black people in the US are and details some of those struggles. If you follow this hashtag, you will appreciate every successful black person in the US. When I see people like the William sisters, I do not just see another success story, I see people that should be studied on how to make it through the hardest challenges in life.
Let's not go too far, just check some of the backlash Serena was faced with when she did not win the last time. I read through series of tweets filled with vile and hateful comments, mostly people rejoicing that she was finally dethroned and placed in her "rightful place". People were too sure she was going to hit a downward slope thereafter and would be forced to retire. But she chose to rise... and rise she did!

I want to use this medium to speak to everyone who feels marginalized, devalued, disrespected, disenfranchised and discriminated against... remember that you can choose to give into it and accept people's choices and opinions for you or you can brave through it all and just RISE!.

"It does not matter how many times you get knocked down, but how many times you get up."
                          -Vince Lombardi

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