Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How to maximize the first few minutes of your day

Hey Lovelies
How you start your day has a lot of influence on how your day would pan out. This had sounded more superstitious than realistic to me, until I looked at it more intently.

I stopped snoozing my alarm and made a conscious decision to dismiss my alarm more readily in a bid to start my day properly each day, because it is the sensible thing to do. I used to run out of my house a lot. Ever since I started inculcating these little bits into my morning routines, my days have been exceptional. I wanted to share them 'cause I would love for you to try them too.
Find them after the cut.

1. I thank God for life and pray for guidance.
I have learnt to see life as a gift and I wake up everyday counting it a privilege to be able to (have the opportunity to) make some kind of impact. Not forgetting the fact that God can transform the seemingly little efforts I put daily into great moves, I always aim to invite him to take the lead.

2. I make a plan of the most important things I need to accomplish for the day.
I have found that having clear cut goals for the day helps to limit a lot of distractions.  I intentionally devote some time to go over them in my head or in writing and that makes approaching each day a lot easier.

3. I drink a glass of water
I find it very cleansing and energising to start my day with a glass of water. If I had extra time on my hands, I would be throwing in some freshly extracted home made juice too, but let's just say that I do not like to start what I can't finish :)

4. I try a quick exercise routine
My go-to routine is jogging on a spot or the sit ups. I love to do this before jumping into the bathroom. This helps to kick-start my system and also gives a good supply of warmth, especially when I'm feeling too cold to get into the shower.

5. I listen to some good music
I love to start off my day with uplifting music. This part is very easy as all I need to do is to leave the music playing while I go about my other activities.

What do you think of this morning routine?
Is there anything you do differently?


Thanks for your feedback!
I enjoy reading them :)

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