Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Must read comments from Mark Zuckerberg's visit to Kenya

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Last time I collated some of the reactions Mark Zuckerberg's trip to Africa stirred, it was just the comments on his trip to Nigeria.

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Let's just say that I deliberately shared the comments by Nigerians because I wanted today's to be on his visit to Kenya (and the reactions by Kenyans). Trust me, it's just as hilarious. Actually, more. Check on it :)

1. "Welcome to the land or/of techies" Whatever that meant.

 2. This visit was all someone needed to kick-start his "dream journey". Incredible!

3. Just because he'd be better off if he forgot to go back

4. I do hope he made this enlightening session a priority.

5. What better time to come? LOL

6. Just the kind of tip he needed. I mean who doesn't want to run like they're being chased by a lion?

7. Or maybe help him recharge his, who knows?

8. I think this one takes the cake LOL

9. He really needs to trace his roots back to Kenya

10. And after all has been said and done?

Who took it? Nigerians or the Kenyans? Hilarity :) Click here if you missed the last one.

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  1. Interesting post! I'm your new GFC follower # 147 if you want, come to my blog ♥


  2. Lol you must have had real fun collating these. Such clowns! No2 is really hilarious and the last one is like the most sensible. Off to check Nigeria's own
    A Moment of Excited Curiosity

  3. What I like about Mark Zuckerberg is that he can retire or be content in his office working or barking orders. But he goes out of his cubicle to reach out to more people and places that needs technology the most. It's good for his business, yes. But more than that, he's helping society and making it more possible for connection around the world. Kudos!

  4. Kenya is headed for great days ahead,wewe unaweza zubaa tu hapo or do whatever you do the best way you can and be part of the team headed for greatness!Welcome Zuckerberg!


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