Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Must read comments from Mark Zuckerberg's trip to Nigeria

Hey Lovelies
I just checked the blog and I noticed I have been away for a whole month. I'm sorry guys. I'm not sure if I should give any excuses at this point, but I know if you check my twitter page you'd get a quick hint because I actually did give a quick warning.

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I decided to break the silence by giving you guys my take on this trending topic - Mark Zuckerberg's visit to Africa.
The CEO of Facebook recently visited Nigeria and Kenya for business and pleasure. The conversations around these parts revolved around his trip and by extension, his life for days. These comments and reactions made my evenings.
Check them out below:

1. When it was implied Nigeria was off the map and Mark put it back there

Mark the Saviour, well done!

2. When he was being recruited as an exporter for our local delicacies

What says you, dear Mark? Deal or no Deal? 

3. The one that wanted to teach Mark that he knew his way around Facebook than him

How can you be too busy to meet your confounder?  LOL

4. The one that knew Mark better than himself.

And can we ask how she got a hold of this very flawed info?

5. The ones that sparked a whole debate on religion

Please, what significance does this detail have to anything?

6. The one that turned into a political campaign for Mark to become the president of the world.

Hello Mr president of the world aka universe. How do people think up these things? LOL

7. When a new word was coined

Aww Mark, see what you inspired :)

8. When someone almost got sued.
This lady got serious backlash for lifting this comment.

The original comment.

Beht why?

9. The ones that turned him into a special adviser to the president of Nigeria


10. My best has to be this one where these Nigerians were too sure Nigeria and Sub-Saharan Africa had nothing in common.

CNN, is Sub-Saharan Africa more beautiful than Nigeria? Does it have two heads? LOL

See all the commotion Mark Zuckerberg caused. Success is beautiful :)

Watch out for the second part :)

Twitter/Instagram: @janylbenyl

Photocredits: Facebook/Mark Zuckerberg and 
The comment section. 


  1. you are sure always of having Nigerians having the 'social media humour' when it comes to popular person or issue. I love Naija. they don't carry last.

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