Tuesday, 1 November 2016

5 things I learnt from my impromptu break

Hey Lovelies
Can we just skip the apologies? I know I need to say something but really, any explanation will feel like a lame excuse and I loathe those, especially since I have braved through more rigorous and tedious schedules to keep this blog running effectively in the past.

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After a fitness session 

In my defence, I'll just say I needed to take the time out to refocus and I did pick a lot of insightful lessons during my quick recess and I thought what better way to come back than to share some of them with you? Ready?

Sidenote: I've missed this place. That's me trying to clear out the cobwebs on here before I delve right in :)
Let's get to it then. Shall we?

1. Perfection is an illusion.
It's ok to fall off the tracks. It's ok to take risks. It's ok to allow things take a different dimension. Sometimes, you might get lucky and discover a part of you you never really explored like I did. I didn't update my blog for several weeks and hell didn't break lose. (Note to self)

2. There's a lesson in every season.
You just need to pay attention. It doesn't matter if the moments come with lots of running around or with a lot of chilling out, every moment has a purpose. Take a moment and take the lessons.

3. You can make time for anything, if you want to.
To be honest, severally, I wanted to just pick up my tab and put something up, then I'd just decide to take a walk to clear my head or stare idly into the TV. I did nurture the urge on one or two occasions,  which is why I had these two posts (here and here) while I was still very much in the middle of my self imposed recess. It's doable. Matter of fact, everything is doable, it just depends how much it matters to you.

4. Things do not have to stay the same.
While on the break, I'd just come around, click a random post on the blog and read. I noticed how much I have evolved with the focus of my thoughts on here and it made me think a lot about ways to actually bring a new focus to the blog. I'm still drawing that up. I'll share on that sooner or later.

5. Lastly, everyone deserves a break.
I really needed to take a break and I didn't quite appreciate it's relevance at the time till I embarked on it. It was absolute bliss.

It's good to be back though :)
It's just two months till the end of the year. Where did the year run to? I can't wait to share with you some of the things I have been working on lately. Remember to take the time to wrap up on projects for the year 'cause time is fast running out.

Happy November!

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