Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Swift shift to gratitude lane

Hey Lovelies,
Earlier this year, just a few hours after my birthday, I found myself being hospitalised. It was so bad that I was helplessly trying to just breathe. I think I finally broke down from being severely burned out, or maybe it was just the massive flip in the weather.
I was broken both emotionally and physically.

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My thoughts drifted to the post I put up on my birthday and lingered. For a very long time, I hadn't been hospitalised. I failed to mention that in that post. I certainly took that for granted.

A few days to 2017, I had refelected on how far I had gone on some of the things I wanted to achieve in 2016 (when I tried to take stock at the end of the year), and at some point I felt like I was just berating myself for those things I had to carryover to the new year.

I checked the post again and I'm glad I hadn't put out the parts where I mostly thought I had failed myself because I was unable to deliver on some of the things I had earlier planned to conclude a while back. Well, I did think about that a lot.  I'm glad I skipped that bit in my previous post.

As I laid on that hospital bed on the 2nd of January and did a little sober reflection, I revelled in those moments that made for the highlights of 2016. Everything came back like a real moment of reckoning and I was indeed ashamed of how much I had neglected the great parts. I achieved so much last year, it was such a rewarding year.

I don't know how I let myself wander away from being completely, albeit consciously oblivious of those things that should try to weigh me down. This is me promising to try hard not to slip away again.

I am so fired up for 2017. I can't wait to share all the juicy-great parts with y'all.
Hope you're all keeping your heads high?


  1. Aww, thank God for your health. Glad you are better now.

    1. Thanks dear
      Thank God for health, really. How often we take it for granted.

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