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This is part of the creative works by Janyl Benyl and it is duly licensed. If you need to use any part of the works for any purpose(s), please contact me first.

Most of the photos that are being used on this blog are from google images except otherwise stated. I try my best to accord the credits to the direct sources when I can. When I use my personal pictures, I label them accordingly. Please do well to notify me if you ever have an issue about any photo being used here.

This blog allows advertising and the rates are very affordable. We offer promotional articles, reviews of products and services, as well as, strategic placements of banners on this site. The 'featured spot' is created specifically to draw the notice of readers (potential clients) to your brand, service/business.
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Most times I do put controversial topics here. Controversial in the sense that it allows for differing opinions. The main aim is to look at the different view points surrounding an issue. However, the fact that I allowed a comment does not necessarily mean that I endorse it. It is someone's opinion and I can respect that.
I appreciate all my readers especially those that spend time to contribute by leaving their comments, it helps me to be able to participate in what goes on in other people's minds about the different topics being raised. Please, I repeat, please do not for any reason abuse any other user whilst trying to air your views.

Thank you for always making time to come around, you inspire me!

Love always

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