Welcome to Janyl Benyl's world.
Close your eyes and dream!
It's going to be swift but fun,
thrilling but interesting,
entertaining but insightful,
and most especially, worth every single second.

This blog is centered around my interests but I hope you enjoy every bit of it.
Here are some of them: (in no order of preference)
- My faith (I'm a christian)
- Africa, especially my country (Nigeria)
- Global health
- Egalitarianism
- Inspiring, motivating and empowering people
- Promoting love and service to humanity
- Dance
- Music
- Self development
- Social awareness
- Education and information dissemination 

...And just basically doing me and hoping that you enjoy them just as much as I enjoy sharing them.
Feel free to ask me questions on these and many more, I'll try my best to give the best possible help I can offer.
If I can inspire you, put a smile on your face or add more meaning to your days through my posts, my job here will be totally fulfilling because you inspire me a lot too just by spending time to indulge.

And totally stick around for a great time :)
Welcome to my blog and enjoy the ride!

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This blog allows for advertising and the rates are very affordable. We offer promotional articles, reviews of products and services, as well as, strategic placements of banners on the site. The 'featured spot' is created specifically to draw the notice of readers (potential clients) to your brand, service/business.
For enquiries, send a mail to info@janylbenylshares.com

If you have anything that might interest us, feel free to get in touch.

Most of the photos that are being used on this blog are from google images except otherwise stated. I try my best to accord the credits to the direct sources. When we use our personal pictures, we label them accordingly. Please, do well to notify us if you ever have an issue about any photo being used here.

This is part of the creative works by Janyl Benyl and it is duly licensed. If you need to use any part of the works for any purpose(s), please contact us first.

Most times we do put "controversial" topics here. "Controversial" in the sense that it allows for differing opinions. The main aim is to look at the different view points surrounding an issue. However, the fact that we allowed a comment does not necessarily mean that we endorse it. It is someone's opinion and we can respect that.
We appreciate all readers, especially those that spend time to contribute by leaving their comments. It helps us to be able to participate in what goes on in other people's minds about the different topics being raised. Please, do not for any reason abuse any other user whilst trying to air your views.

Hey lovelies !

Thank you for making time to come around, you inspire me!

Love always

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